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Mobile Payroll Apps for Android, iPhone/iPad and Windows Phone 7.

Use free or paid paycheck calculator apps to calculate employee's payroll check in the residence state.
Calculate net paycheck, federal taxes, payroll withholdings, including SDI and SUI payroll state taxes. Display calculated paycheck on smartphone's screen, see salary distribution pie chart and email payroll check information to employee or employer.
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Payrollguru Mobile Apps

Payrollguru's mobile apps can be utilized to calculate net payroll check amount and compare take home amounts (after payroll taxes) in different states. Employee earnings will vary from state to state, based on the state income taxes and rates (i.e. very high in California and New York, and no state income taxes in Alaska, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Washington states). Using free iPhone payroll calculator or Android payroll calculator you can compare how employee's base salary translates into net earnings (after tax) in the state of employment. Free iPhone paycheck calculator and Android paycheck calculator app can be particular useful in case of considering a job in a different state you can compare how much you will make after taxes in that state. Also you can use mobile paycheck calculator apps to verify accuracy of your employers paycheck calculation. In case of the difference in net paycheck amounts please talk to your human resource department or payroll specialist and discuss your paycheck information in details,

Payrollguru, Paycheck Calculator, Free and Paid apps.

Key difference between the free and paid apps, is that a free paycheck app for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 will have embedded advertisements and will have a limitation on a number of daily or overall paycheck calculations. Also, free app or a basic paycheck calculator app will not take into account Federal Exemptions, State Exemptions, and earned Year to date wages. Thus, the payroll calculation produced by Paycheck Calculator will be less accurate than a paycheck calculation produced by Payrolloguru App. To get most accurate payroll calculations please download paid version of Payrollguru application for iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7. Also, paid Paycheck Calculator app for iPhone, iPad, Android and WP7 allows users to save their default payroll settings on the phone, which speeds up data entry the next time user calculates the paycheck. However, please note, that no personal or confidential information is stored on the iPhone or Android smartphone (same for iPad and Windows Phone 7). Payrollguru app (depending on the mobile platform) will also produce a pie-chart representing the composition of the total paycheck. It will also allow to email the paycheck details and the chart to another person.

Payrollguru Tax Engine

Payrollguru Mobile Apps utilize fast and accurate Payrollguru Tax Engine for calculation of payroll checks in iPhone, Android, iPad and Windows Phone 7 applications. Each paycheck calculation is specific to selected state, filing status, payroll period. Paid applications also factor in number of payroll deductions (employee's federal exemptions, state exemptions) and year to date wages. Payrollguru's mobile apps will calculate state withholdings for the following states: California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Washington, Alaska, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wyoming, Georgia, Virginia, Louisiana, Oregon, Pensylvania, Noth Carolina, Ohio, New Jersey, New Mexico, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Delaware, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, South Carolina, Indiana, District of Columbia, Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, Alabama, Massachusetts, Maryland, Kentucky, Nebraska, Utah, Connecticut, West Virginia, Maine, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Montana, Hawaii, Vermont.

Payrollguru's Legal Disclaimer

Please note that even though Payrollguru strives to provide the most accurate payroll calculations, Payrollguru does not guarantee or imply accuracy of payroll calculation. In other words, use our apps at you own risk and please rely on your payroll service provider for acurate tax calculations. In legal terms, by installing and using Payrollguru's apps, you agree to indemnify and hold Payrollguru, Inc. (and all of its employees, founders, and representatives) harmless from any and all claims, causes of action, damages and judgments arising out of any act or omission of Payrollguru, Inc., including Payrollguru's negligence. Bottom line, if you are not satisfied with Payrollguru's app please discontinue the use of applications and contact us at support email for a refund of the purchasing price

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